Steve Winstone: Drums



Started playing guitar at school but decided he was better suited to drums , played in numerous local bands throughout the late 60`s auditioned , played with and hung out with a  few “name” bands in the early 70`s never really finding the right band or “making it”   joining Steamroller in 1973.  Steve “retired” from drumming in 1974 to pursue a career in the newly expanding Discotheque business.

In 1975 he did  invite Roger and Robert to go down to Bristol and reform Steamroller for a “one off” performance in the Scamps Disco, blowing away the local Bristolians who attended the gig ,

In 1982/3  Steve came out of drumming retirement on a part time basis  to join forces with his good friend Bernie Marsden who had recently left Whitesnake to form a band and take on a few dates mainly to keep Bernie`s hand in whilst he was involved in litigation , eventually “retiring “ again at a gig in 1985 on New Year’s Eve at The Dolly giving away his complete kit to a member of the audience in a raffle once the show was over !

Since 1985 Steve had not played other than a couple of “sit ins” for a couple of numbers and a few recent “jam” gigs .

The call from Robert “out of the blue” to help out by sitting in with The Roy Young Band sparked the fire and the rest, as they say is now new “ Steamroller history”

Steve 1985

Steve on the kit he 'raffled' when retiring new years eve 1985